Welcome to The Wind and the Sun Photography!

The best story you'll ever be able to tell your children, is the story of their own childhood. The Wind and the Sun Photography will create some stunning images to illustrate it!  

Little witch flying on a broom against the moon
Two mums with their toddler at the beach, Mumbles, Swansea
Girl and tabby kitten
Family outdoor photo Troserch Woods
Burry Port beach, girl, boy and dog.
Outdoor photography of a girl dancing amongst daisies in Llanelli
Outdoor photograph of two children playing at the beach.
Black and white fine art outdoor photograph of a boy in Llanelli
Fine art photo of a girl knitting clouds
Outdoor portrait photography of a girl in Burry Port surrounded by pink summer flowers.
Outdoor photography of a baby in an orange blanket in Penllergar Woods in Swansea
Dreamy fine art photograph of a girl surrounded by butterflies
Family outdoor photography of a girl and her family dog in Penllergaer Woods, Swansea
Family outdoor photography of mother and son in Furnace Pond, Llanelli
Creative fine art photography of a girl dressed as a swan.
Outdoor family photography of a mother and baby in Penllergaer Woods, Swansea

My name is Mara Cabral, I am a portrait photographer based in Llanelli.  I offer unique, personally tailored photography sessions for adults, children and families.  

My sessions are aimed at telling a little bit of your own personal story. I want to capture who you are, the bonds between people, the spark in each person's eyes, those details that will be some of your most cherished memories in years to come. 


Initially specialised in outdoor family photography, I now offer both outdoor and studio sessions. Outdoor sessions are ideal for the whole family, especially if you enjoy contact with nature and the freedom to just express yourself without worrying about the camera. Studio sessions are amazing if you are looking for more artistic portraits and enjoy expressing yourself in different ways. My studio sessions have a fine art aesthetic to them. They are a place for self expression and the creation of stunning pieces of wall art. 

Sessions with me are relaxed and fun. My aim if for the whole process to be a very enjoyable experience ending in a final product you're truly happy about.  My art is to show you how extraordinary and wonderful your everyday life truly is and how your own imagination can come to life through fine art photography. 

Gift vouchers : when you want to offer something really unique! 

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Know anyone who lives in Carmarthenshire or Swansea who would love a photoshoot? A photoshoot is the perfect experience gift that can also include an amazing end product! You can even offer yourself one or put it on your wish list!