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 My name is Mara Cabral and I am the person behind The Wind and the Sun Photography.  My relationship with photography started a long time ago, when, even as a child, I used to take notice of the visual beauty around me and  looked for ways of registering it, even if it was only in my mind's eye.

I have always been a collector of memories and I am a very visual person, so it came only as natural that one day I would dedicate myself to help people create visual memories they can look back on for years to come. Being a passionate mum myself, I know just how important my family photographs will be for all of us in the future.

Which is why, as a photographer, I am here to search for the beauty in you, in your family, in your relationships and to create a visual representation of it. I am here to create little moments of visual poetry based on you, your family and the bonds between people. I also see myself as an artist and as such I love to create portraits that are individually crafted to show the person beyond the face. If you have an idea for a special portrait, please speak to me, I am always happy to listen and to help you achieve your dream image! 


I'm based in Llanelli but I will also shoot in surrounding areas, like Burry Port, Pembrey, Swansea, Hendy. Our studio shoots are held in Dafen Welfare Hall, a lovely spacious local hall, chosen specially to offer you a comfortable place to have your studio sessions! 

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