CHILDREN PORTRAITS - Unique sessions for unique children! 

Artistic portrait sessions specially tailored for your child/children. Whether your child is a free spirit or a poser (or anywhere in between), we will find the right session for them! Each child carries a world inside them, and these sessions are aimed to express a bit of what they truly are or what their imagination is made of. If you would like an unique artistically crafted portrait of your child/children, this is the session you're looking for.  They can be based on anything, from your child's personality, to their passions, their favourite toys, their favourite activities. Tell me a bit about your child and we will find the perfect session for them! These specialised children portrait photography sessions can either take place on an outdoors location in a radius of 15 miles from Llanelli, or they can be studio based in Llanelli. Scroll down for examples! 

Collage of outdoor photographs of free spirited children taken around LLanelli and Swansea
Collage of dreamy creative outdoor photos taken by aroundLlanelli and Swansea
Collage of photos of cool kids in Llanelli
Collage of children fancy dressed and face painted taken in Llanelli and Swansea
A collage of fine art photographs of children with their interests and passions