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For the ones who have been following my posts, this is another post included in project ''The Beauty in You''. I am a portrait photographer based in llanelli, South Wales and this project is about celebrating feminine beauty in all its different shades. This project is about empowering women regarding their own bodies. It's about celebrating the beauty in each individual and the freedom to be who you are or to explore sides of you you haven't explored before.

All the wonderful women who are taking part in this project live fairly locally, and Naomi is no exception. In a fast paced world in which everything seems to shout at you, in which all sorts of information is thrown at you before you even have the change to look for it, it was a true pleasure to photograph Naomi. Naomi has a calm presence, even though I bet that is not necessarily how she feels inside all the time, but what she shows the world is sweet, is paced and totally non invasive.

Woman, portrait photography Llanelli, Burry Port Harbour

Naomi came to me without any attempt to be anyone else but herself. Simple and genuine, she put herself in front of the camera as if she was just looking around and having a walk and a moment to herself. With hardly any make up on and an absolutely lovely blue dress, with both a vintage and a maritime feel to it, she matched the environment around her beautifully. The photos were taken in the Burry Port Harbour and beach, on a beautiful sunny morning. A bit too sunny even, from a photographers point of you, as mid day sun is not the easiest to deal with when it comes to portraits! But I think we managed all right!

I love that the photos we got in this session don't shout at us, but instead they draw us in. They invite us to look further, to explore them a bit more. I also loved the fact that Naomi said she felt quite comfortable posing. And you can see how she looks at the camera straight on, you can see in the strength you find in her eyes beyond her relaxed appearance.

Sometimes beauty is being one with the environment around you. It's blending in nature and standing out at the same time. And it's also about duality. Looking as serene as a calm lake, but having oceans to be explored underneath. Being sweet and strong all in the same person.

After this project I expect to carry on photographing adults and showing them how they look through the eyes of an artist. So if you would like a portrait photography session around Llanelli or Swansea, do get in touch through my contact me page. You can find my session prices in the general menu. My sessions are individually tailored and I am a strong advocate of celebrating each person's unique beauty and character through the medium of photography.

Thank you so much for this session Naomi, and thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself into my hands! You were brilliant!

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