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Caffi lolfa in burry port - bringing the community closer together

There is a fairly new cafe in Burry Port and it's well worth the visit! Open for over a month, Caffi Lolfa ( Lounge Cafe) is much more than just a cafe. It's a cafe, an art gallery and a place for the community to meet and for new ideas and activities to be generated.

Lee and Holy are the couple behind this refreshing new enterprise. Both of them artists, with young children and Burry Port residents, they want to create a place with a warm welcoming environment and the potencial to bring a variety of creative events into the community.

When you enter the cafe you can see several paintings decorating the walls. The set up is inviting, with different places for people to sit and appreciate their food and each other's company.

The food looks mouth-watering too! This cafe has been opened with the idea of joining together several things the owners are passionate about: art, good food, music, creativity, community. When it comes to food they looked at quality over quantitity (having said that, the portions are still more than generous enough) They looked for fresh organic and free range ingredients and when they cook, they do it using all their senses. They come from the principle that food is an art in itself, and therefore, should be done creatively. And the results are stunning.

Still in terms of food, they aim to have a wide choice to able fit most needs. At the moment, they have vegetarian and vegan option alongside dishes with meat. They don't label them as such, but the list of ingredients is available and all the staff is very helpful if you need extra information. They also have some gluten free options available and have it in their plans to dedicate a part of their kitchen to gluten free cooking only, in the future. The food is cooked freshly everyday and their natural orange juice is already becoming well known (and if a glass is not enough, you can ask for a whole jug of it!) But if you can resist all the delicacies and only want a hot drink, the choice is also there.

But the best part of this cafe, for me, is that there is a lot more to it than just food and drinks. You just have to look around and see it. Decorating the walls you will find some vinil album covers. The owners are passionate about music and love how these often sparkle up conversations. One of their plans is to create a place for people to, for example, share their different hobbies. They are planning vinil evenings in which everyone can bring their vinil albums in and play them in the cafe, sharing their musical tastes with everybody else. There are many other plans up their sleeves and they are open to suggestions as well. This is a cafe for the community to take part, so if you have anything that you think would fit into the spirit of the cafe, don't be afraid to approach Lee or Holly! Another soon to happen event will be creative writting evenings, to happen weekly on a Wednesday. I loved to see how the Welsh culture is a big part of this cafe, from the name to the decoration and the Welsh word of the week displayed on a board.

When I say there is a place for everybody in the community, these includes the younger ones as well. It's a totally child friendly cafe with a little corner where the small ones can find some books to entertain them. Talking to Lee, he mentioned how they noticed how hard it is to find places to go and socialize when you have very small children and how they would like all mums of young children to feel welcome to use to Caffii Lolfa as a meeting up and socializing place.

Other exciting plans include exhibitions from other local artists (not limited to painting, they will welcome other art forms as well), art workshops, other thematic evenings and the possibility of booking this place for private parties (with the idea of offering street food instead of a more traditional menu). If the whole project sounds as exciting to you as it did to me, please pop over, get to know it, get to know the lovely people behind it and who knows, you might be taking part on some of the events soon enough!

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