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Halloween in the mysterious south wales woodlands!

If you've been following my adventures as an outdoor photographer in South Wales , exploring my surroundings around Llanelli, Swansea, Burry Port, Pembrey, etc, then you've probably seen lots of photos of my children. They are, as one would expect, my favourite subjects ever. As every parent, I want to crystallise every single bit of their growing up years as much as I can. For me the sun rises and sets on them and I could photograph them every single day of their lives and never get tired of it. The interesting thing though is that for us, photography has always been a two way process. I don't simply 'use' them as models in my creative projects and set back to document little bits of their lives. They are active part of those creative projects and often they are the first ones coming up with ideas for them.

My children have always been raised in a creative environment. They got used to seeing creating, having ideas and putting them to practice as part of their everyday life. Creativity is something I will always promote and support because honestly, for me, I don't know where I'd be without it. And it's wonderful to see just how free my children seem to be when it comes to creating. For this particular photoshoot all I had to do was say ''I'd like to do some Halloween photos with you two,, what do you think?'' After that they fully instructed on which character they'd like to be and all the details connected to their chosen character.

I must say I wouldn't have come out with anything better myself! I am always surprised by how much they get into character once they are dressed up.

I did have to convince Little Ware wolf that we didn't have to go into the woods at night time to do these photos....though it took me a while for him to accept that!

If you'd like some Halloween photos of your own creative little one, please do get in touch. All the prices and details from the sessions are written bellow. These photos were taken in Penllergaer Valley Woods and if you choose to have your shoots in there, part of the money reverts back to the Penllergaer Woods Conservation trust . Other locations available, just let me know your preferences!

Halloween photography sessions Llanell, Sswansea, carried out in the woods!
For Halloween sessions on your own chosen location.

Halloween Photography sessions Penllergaer woods.
For sessions held in Penllergaer Woods. Please note that at this point I might not be able to have the prints ready for you before Halloween.

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