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matt & belle's wedding

As a general rule, I don't photograph weddings, but when I was asked by Belle to shoot her wedding I just couldn't say no. Belle and Matt chose a relaxed DIY approach to the wedding ceremony and decorations and decided to have it in an absolutely gorgeous venue: Woebley Castle, in the Gower Peninsula.

A perfect wedding day is a day in which people join together to celebrate love.

Like this one certainly was. It brought together friends and family from both sides.

The decorations were meaningful to the couple and they brightened the venue up.

And even when if Welsh weather didn't t help, every single person kept the good spirits and enjoyed the day.

The ceremony was unique and oh so beautiful.

There was love. Lots of love.

There was friendship,

There was family

There was laughter...

...and music

...and nobody was forgotten...

And although it rained, the sun also came out.

Matt and Belle I wish you many many years of happiness and companionship and may there be countless adventures ahead of you two. Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your special day.

And at last but not at least, thank you very much to the photographer Andrea Bradley who was the second shooter in this wedding, and did an amazing job at it.

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