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One photo a day - january

I love what I do. I love it with a true passion! I love taking photos, editing them, study new and better ways of doing it. And I love being able to create memories for the families I photograph. Over the last two years I have used my own children many times to practice my photography skills. I would ask them to pose here and there, to turn more to the side, take the hair away from their face, even smile to the camera. And I have a nice collection of beautiful portraits of them. Which is amazing, right? Nearly! One day I realized that something was missing. Something I have been starting to include more and more in my family sessions as well, whenever possible. Something for which I would like to, one day, have sessions specifically dedicated: memories of truly spontaneous moments!

It's not that I never caught them spontaneously doing something. It's not that I didn't occasionally capture them bursting with laugher during a photoshoot or that I never grabbed my camera for a snapshot because they were doing something cute. But I realized recently that I want to capture those moments with the same poetry and the same artistic eye I capture their more elaborate or creative portraits. I want to be able to do every day documentary portraits of our life. I want to collect little visual poems I can look back on one day far from today. That they can look back on.

So that's how this project started. One photo a day, for a whole year. The focus being my family, our days, and above all those expressions and moments I want to crystallize. To keep in my memory box. And I found an amazing group of others photographers doing exactly the same, which is great for both encoragment and inspiration. Obviously, I end up taking much more than one photo a day....how could I not? But I must choose one per day. And I will share some of those in here, as each month comes to an end!

January has gone, and it's been quite an adventure. I'm amazed by how much I learned. How much I experimented and challenged my limits. By how much having freedom to explore feeds my creativity and makes me wake up with new ideas and approaches every day! But above all, I'm looking at all the photos we got this month and I love them! And it's important to love not only what you do but also to be able to love what you produce. I can already see my family as we are. Bits of our every day lives. Our little routines, my children's special expressions, the every mess in our house. The goal for February will be to include my husband as well. As many adults, he is not a big fan of being photographed. But this is the story we're writting, so he must be in it! While I try to achieve that, I'll leave you with the rest of the January photos!

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