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visual poetry in your everyday moments

Never have our lives been more documented than nowadays. Mobile phones and affordable cameras with pretty decent image quality allow us to constantly take snapshots of our children as they grow. We have snapshots of them walking to school, playing in the park, dressing up for World Book Day, school disco, etc.... And we accumulate more and more photos in digital format and hope that one day, we will be able to access them all. Hopefully we will, and those photos will be precious memories we all wish we could have had from when we, ourselves, were children. But what if sometimes, we could do even better than that? What if you could have someone to capture proper everyday moments, under an artistic eye, and carefully edit them so that you could have them printed on a beautiful album or photobook? What if, for a few hours, you could have your day to day captured with all the beauty and poetry it deserves, by someone that is able to abserve it from a distance and capture all the little details, the bonds between people, how they connect, how they love?

Well, that's exactly what I am trying to do with my new documentary sessions. And I couldn't have started on a better note. These two are one of my favourite family units ever. The love, bond and interaction between them is something I feel very honoured to have been able to capture more than once. And each time, I am amazed by the beauty of it all. For nearly three hours I followed them around the house, on a Saturday afternoon. I didn't interfere with anything. I just documented what I saw in the best way possible. I stood back, watched and let my intuition flow as I clicked away. And this is part of what I got. As I went through the photos I was happy to see it all in there. The joy, the love, the connection, the laughs, the silly moments and the sweet moments. And more importantly, my friend Karen, who's usually behind the camera capturing her little boy when they do something, was there, with him, living the moment. Scroll down and enjoy the beauty in these two!

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