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x3 - an art exhibition in Studio 46 in Burry Port

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Studio 46 is a workspace situated in Station Road, Burry Port. It is also the home of the artist Tim Swain, who created this space with the idea of having a local place where he and the artistic community around him could share their work. The place opens to the public in a few occasions throughout the year and Tim is willing to hear about any ideas you might have for the space, coming for artists, crafters or people who could lead workshops in these areas.

In the beginning of May the exhibition X3 took place in there and I felt very honoured to be able to be there for the opening. X3 gathered the works of three local painters: Louise Burston Tim Swain and Angela Hughes. The three of them live in Burry Port and it was most interesting to see their works and hear about their different approaches to artistic creation. If you are interested in our local artistic community and the art events around us, do take a look at some of their work in this post and keep an eye out for further events at Studio 46.

According to the exhibition blurb Louise Burston ''takes her inspiration from the urban landscape, often at dusk or low light, to evoke a disconcerting atmosphere of isolation. '' I could indeed feel this atmosphere in the paintings presented and felt that not only she painted a given place, but her paintings come with an emotion associated to the portrayed place. Talking to Louise she referred to painting and art in general as the artist's own language. Louise mentioned that in her art workshops, she doesn't like to tell or show people what to do, but she would rather help them find their own path and language. She also mentioned she likes to start with something and see where she is led when she is creating, being light and colour two important factors for her inspiration.

Artist Louise Burston Burry Port
Louise Burston

Paintings by Louise Burston, Burry Port, studio 46
Paintings by Louise Burston

Paintings by Louise Burston, Burry Port, Studio 46
Closer look on Louise Burston's work

Tim Swain is originally from Somerset but has moved to Wales nearly 30 years ago. According to the exhibition blurb his work is ''very much situated in the direct landscape of the beach and harbour, looking at structure and form with nuances of colour.'' He considers his inspirations to be very eclectic and said that he likes to capture the essence of things, of what he finds in the environment around him. I really enjoyed looking at all his different art works and see how he used colour and texture differently in different paintings.

Artist Tim Swain in his workspace - Studio 46
Tim Swain

Tim Swain's painting, Burry Port, Studio 46
One of Tim Swain's art works.

'' Angela Hughes paints from still life, focusing on the domestic interior, using a close tonal and subtle palette. '' Angela says painting is a huge struggle, dedication and persistence. For her, colour and tone work together to create something that communicates. Angela works with harmonic pastel colours and I find her paintings both calming and evocative or other times.

Artist Angela Hughes, in Burry Port Studio 46
Angela Hughes

Artist Angela Hughes paintings, Burry Port, Studio 46
Art works by Angela Hughes

Painting by Angela Hughes, Burry Port, Studio 46
Painting by Angela Hughes

The opening evening was attended for a good number of people and it was lovely to see artists and art lovers gathered in a local place. I hope Tim opens the door of this space as many times a year as possible and that this shakes the dynamics in our art community!

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